Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Directions!

Hi everyone/anyone that might be out there! When I started this blog, I was completely addicted to my many Cricuts! I still love my Cricuts dearly but after so much upset and falling apart of the Cricut Circle, I became disenchanted ....

So, on I moved to Copic markers! I wasn't sure if I should start a new blog or just continue to post to this blog with my new adventures ... I've decided to just have this one blog ... I'm going to post my many Copic creations ... Whether they're completed projects or just colored pieces, whether they came out well or not, I'll be posting them all here!

I have a little backtracking to do as I have a couple completed projects done that I will post separately and numerous images that I have colored but haven't turned to cards or SB pages yet ...

So! I'm super excited about this new turn I'm taking and sharing it here with you ... I hope you'll help me learn along the way with your comments and I won't feel so guilty about my much-neglected blog!

The future looks bright :)


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