Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Birthday Card for my DH

This is a birthday card that Jaimie designed for her Daddy and we created using my Cricut AE2. We waited until the last minute so we didn't get too fancy but I think she was pleased with the results!

The ice cream cone is from the Sweet Treats cartridge. The orange paper is from American Craft. Jaimie chose the embossing folder - she thought it looked like that Vanilla Swirl ice cream :) It's not the best card we ever made but it worked okay in the end ...

Cute, right?


  1. What a sweet the bling!

  2. OMG! This card is toooo cute! I love the ice cream cone and I bet her dad was thrilled!! Hugs, Leanne

  3. The note is priceless!!!! Such a sweet card. He should frame it!

  4. Love the embossing on the cone! Nice!