Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Birthday Card for my DH

This is a birthday card that Jaimie designed for her Daddy and we created using my Cricut AE2. We waited until the last minute so we didn't get too fancy but I think she was pleased with the results!

The ice cream cone is from the Sweet Treats cartridge. The orange paper is from American Craft. Jaimie chose the embossing folder - she thought it looked like that Vanilla Swirl ice cream :) It's not the best card we ever made but it worked okay in the end ...

Cute, right?

Bulletin Boards at Jaimie's School

Hi! So, I've been MIA for awhile! That doesn't mean I haven't been creating like crazy! I've been so busy that I haven't had time to blog ... but I have a lot of projects to share ... This one is the bulletin boards that I design at my daughter's school. I do all the photography for the school so all the pictures are mine ... and now I use my Cricut to create the most adorable decorations to include with them! So, here are some pix ...

This is the main board by the Principal's office when you first walk in. I put these up in September or October. They feature photos from the "Spring Fling" dance they had ... the theme was a Luau so, of course, I used my Luau cartridge ... I also included some cuts from the Cricut Lite "Recess" cartridge.

The "Diabetes Walk" sign was using the Birthday Bash cartridge. I also used it to create the K-5 on the apples. 
This is another Bulletin Board that I created in the All Purpose Room. The "Study" "Learn" and "Play" are from the Cricut Lite Recess cartridge. The Field Day Fun at School 21 sign I made using the font on the Birthday Bash cartridge.
It's a LOT of work putting these together ... I'm a perfectionist so I have to be sure I have a picture of every kid and we have 262 of them! Also, I usually take 300-400 pictures when I cover one of their events so there's a lot of photo editing involved and narrowing down which pictures to use ... Then I have to get them printed and, of course, the fun part of creating Cricut cuts! The hardest part sometimes is deciding which amazing cartridge to use! There are so many choices and I love them all!

I hope you like my Elementary School Bulletin Boards. I have more to post but I'm going to put them in a separate post. My next project is that I'm creating the school year book! Oh boy! What have I gotten myself into this time? Wish me luck please :)