Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cricut Halloween Class Bulletin Board

This was a really fun project that Jaimie and I did together. We used our Cricut Expression 2 with Teresa Collins' Chic & Scary and the Slumber Party Lite cartridges.

Jaimie is in 5th grade. Her school has two fifth grade classes that share a hallway and I've been given free reign to decorate! How exciting!

We made two hats - one with a "C" and one with a "W" ... one for each teacher ;) I didn't know the breakdown of girls/boys so I made 30 girl skulls and 30 boys skulls ...

Jaimie decorated her bow with a peace sign and American Crafts thickers to spell out her name ...
I used black pearls to decorate the shoelaces ... I thought that old-fashioned boots used to have a clasp ... I thought they came out pretty cute :)

You could really see the glue when I put down the eyes on the skull so I filled them in with Glossy Accents ...
I love the subway art ... so adorable!
I really like how this came out - I thought it looked as if the cat was howling at the moon ... I don't think you can tell but I used glitter paper for the black cat and the bat ... and the moon has orange glitter swirls ...
Last but not least, it was Jaimie's awesome idea to hang the ghost from the top of the paper ... I was determined to get those two cuts on the paper and couldn't seem to make it happen ... in walks Jaimie and says simply, "Just turn the ghost upside-down, Mommy!" :)

So, that was a lot of work but we really had SO much fun putting everything together!

Now ... what am I going to do for Thanksgiving? I was thinking of making turkeys for the boys ;) lol ...

Thanks so much for looking!



  1. What a fun project and what a fun hallway decoration!

  2. Love the bulletin board! Can't wait to see your other ones to! :)